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Prime Time Personal, Social and Emotional Development


A key person approach to learning and development

ISBN: 9781776554249
Code: 01025
Prime Time Personal, Social and Emotional Development Cover
Prime Time Personal, Social and Emotional Development gives early years professionals comprehensive advice and a practical approach to ensure this prime area is central to the learning, health and well-being of babies and young children. It is all about the key person helping young children to become who they are, and grow into confident, capable and emotionally intelligent young people.

Pages: 80 | Ages: 1-5

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About the Authors

Jo Blank is an early years consultant specialising in physical play and outdoor learning. Having completed an M.Phil for research into provision for children’s physical development, she has worked extensively as an Ofsted trainer, inspector and LA adviser in United Kingdom.
Gill Mathews is an early years LA Adviser and a Play Therapist in United Kingdom. Gill specialises in PSED and physical movement. She has completed an M.A in Education and post graduate qualifications in Emotional Literacy. Gill’s career has been spent working with young children. She now works therapeutically with troubled children of all ages.