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Primary Caregiver Approach


Adopting the primary caregiver approach to meet the needs of children and families

ISBN: 9781921613524
Code: TS0213
Primary Caregiver Approach Cover
The NQS outlines through Quality Area 5: Relationships with children, the need for educators to develop and maintain respectful and equitable relationships with each child. These relationships are brought about by educators and children forming trusting and reciprocal bonds where each child feels secure and included.

This book gives practical advice on: the importance of attachment for children’s emotional wellbeing; implications for educators and the need for a primary caregiver system in group settings; details of the role of a primary caregiver for children and their families; dealing with uncertainty about how the primary caregiver system should work; and, how managers can support educators in their primary caregiver role.

Pages: 54 | Ages: 0-7

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About the Authors

Jennie Lindon is well known as an early years consultant and author. She has been a prolific writer, offering a welcome blend of knowledge of child development with a practical understanding of the role of early years educators.

Liz Rouse is a lecturer in early childhood education at Deakin University.