About Us

Essential Resources is an innovative publisher of high-quality classroom and educational resources.

Our authors are experienced educators who are experts in their fields. Through our resources they openly and generously share their expertise and experience. As teaching professionals they know, first-hand, the importance of relevant, up-to-date supplementary teaching materials that meet the requirements of the curricula and the challenges of teaching in today’s learning environment.

They are complemented by our team of skilled designers, illustrators and editors who are dedicated to creating well-designed, imaginative publications that have gained a reputation for exceptional layout and ease-of-use

Our publications are created and produced predominately for primary and secondary schools, as well as for early childhood education. They include curriculum-specific, cross-curricular, co-curricular, student workbooks, mentoring and professional development resources.

At Essential Resources we are proud to specialise in education; helping teachers to teach and students to learn. It is our unequivocal aim to make teachers’ working lives easier by providing them with best-quality classroom resources that facilitate learning.

In the words of our managing director, Nicola Smith: “We literally live, eat, breathe, sleep and dream about making teachers’ working lives easier.”

Nicola Smith

If you require more information about our books, please contact us by phone or email.

Postal Address: PO Box 906, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012, Australia
Phone: 1800 319 478
Email: info@essentialresources.com.au