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Games for the English Curriculum Bk 1 Yrs 1–2


Enjoyable ways to enrich and extend language learning

ISBN: 9781927143872
Code: 5629
Games for the English Curriculum Bk 1 Yrs 1–2 Cover
The compelling games in this series offer a way of reinforcing essential knowledge and skills that will be popular with your class. Ideal for groups of two to eight children, these games cover phonics, grammar, vocabulary building and spelling and come with the photocopiable resources they will need to play them. Instructions are designed to be appropriate to age level: in Book 1 teachers read and explain the rules, while in the books for higher year levels the children can read the instructions and play the games independently.

| Pages: 60 | Ages: 5-6

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About the Author

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Helen Lewis is a full-time educational author and consultant. She is also a qualified teacher, with sixteen years’ teaching experience in British primary schools. Originally from the UK, she emigrated to New Zealand in 2005. Helen has written and adapted educational materials for a wide range of worldwide markets, and her mathematics experience includes planning and writing maths schemes for the UK, sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. Helen enjoys the challenge of making subjects exciting and accessible for students, and offering teachers materials to meet their needs. Helen has also published under her former name, Helen Whittaker.