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Oral Language for the Junior Classroom


Fun, imaginative and easy ways to build oral language skills

ISBN: 9781927251461
Code: 5812
Oral Language for the Junior Classroom Cover
This resource offers clear, hands-on guidance and activities for developing strong oral language skills in young children. One key focus is to help children develop the confidence to participate in both small- and large-group discussions. Another is the supporting technology that can help you to slot oral language naturally and effortlessly into your literacy and wider classroom programmes. This book also shows how to take a structured approach to oral literacy with planned activities for talk and discussion; drama; play and games; and poetry and rhyme.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 5-7

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About the Author

Picture of Jenny Pyatt
Jenny Pyatt has taught at all levels in primary schools in a variety of classroom and management positions.Now semi-retired, Jenny is teaching part-time in a rural school in Hawkes Bay and writes poetry for pleasure.