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No Nonsense Number - Mult & Div: Stage 5 Pt A


Activities to support the teaching of number knowledge, multiplication and division

No Nonsense Number - Mult & Div: Stage 5 Pt A Cover

No Nonsense Numbers Multiplication and Division, Stage 5 is part of a series of books that supports numeracy learning. This book:

  • is part of a new series to aid numeracy learning.
  • Follows an orderly progression of skill development.
  • Helps students to grasp and develop number knowledge, multiplication and division.
  • Includes specific learning outcomes.
  • Encouragse independent learning.
  • Includes activity cards that can be used in a variety of ways.

The No Nonsense Number series will help streamline your numeracy programme in the classroom. The activities help children grasp the specific learning outcomes as they progress through the stages of numeracy learning. Activities include number knowledge, multiplication and division. No Nonsense Number is presented in an orderly way to make it easy for you to keep track of where each group is currently working. The outcomes have been included on each blackline master in child-friendly language to encourage your students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 9-10

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About the Authors

Picture of Jackie Andrews
Jackie Andrews is one of Essential Resources’ most successful authors, with many thousands of her books sold around the world. Her success is backed by her extensive teaching experience in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. That experience, combined with her assiduous approach to professional development and passion for supporting teachers, drives her to create resources that improve student outcomes and inform best teaching practice. Jackie currently has 75 titles in print, a number of which have been translated into other languages. Her wider range of mathematics and English publications reflect the diversity of her expertise throughout primary school, as well as her ability to respond to the specific needs of particular age groups and ability levels. Supporting teachers in their curriculum planning is another specialty area. Jackie’s Curriculum Planning Made Easy series has been immensely popular with teachers looking for practical and effective ways of planning classroom programmes. It also led to the creation of iUgo – a digital solution that is reshaping the landscape of classroom planning and resource management. Jackie has been a key player in developing the usability of iUgo and in training teachers to get the most out from it. Complementing her work in the publication sector Jackie continues to enjoy her time in the classroom. Many schools and teachers also seek out her advice on effective resourcing and teaching practice.

Jude Callaghan is an experienced, enthusiastic teacher with a passion for teaching and learning, and delivers teaching programmes that are innovative and exciting. Jude has embraced the Numeracy Development Programme wholeheartedly, and has joined the No Nonsense Number writing team to share her deep understanding and wealth of ideas.

Picture of Suzi de Gouveia

Suzi is an enthusiastic principal of a Catholic school in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has international teaching experience and has had the pleasure of teaching in a multi-cultural environment. With over 20 years of teaching, Suzi has developed a wealth of ideas and resources to best help children with their learning.