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All My Media Bk 1: From the Radio to Google

ISBN: 9781877536205
Code: 5451
All My Media Bk 1: From the Radio to Google Cover
The medium is the message. That is the premise of this series, which is designed to stimulate thinking about how media inventions, from the radio to Google and the mobile phone to GPS, have shaped the Information Age. Entertaining accounts of inventions are accompanied by discussion, writing and research activities that encourage students to consider the societal impact, help improve their oral and written communication skills and provide extension activities. Suitable for all secondary school levels.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 12-15

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About the Author

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Dr David Dowling currently teaches in British Columbia, Canada. He has taught in New Zealand at Rotorua and Hamilton Boys' High Schools, and English at Massey University. He was recently Chair of English at the University of Northern British Columbia. A former editor of Landfall, the New Zealand literary quarterly, he has written books, published in the UK and USA on Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, and modern literature. He has written or edited books on or for Bruce Mason, New Zealand drama for schools, and a guide to great New Zealand short stories. David has also been active in the New Zealand theatre scene.