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Thinking and Speaking


Practical activities for the primary classroom

ISBN: 9781921613616
Code: TS0247
Thinking and Speaking Cover
The subjects in this book have been chosen to extend thinking skills, general knowledge, awareness of current affairs and social issues. They are designed to make students think, not to simply rehash information. The aim is to have every student speak as many times as possible, to build confidence and resilience. The oral work can be followed with class discussion, writing tasks or research projects.

Pages: 90 | Ages: 5-11

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About the Author

Picture of Jenny O'Neill
Jenny Rudd O'Neill has been a teacher of English, history, drama, public speaking and debating for many years as well as working as a school librarian. She has taught in at schools country and city Australia as well as in England and the United States. She has trained students for speech competitions and teaches memoir and creative writing to adults.