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Numeracy in Chemistry - Book 1


Atoms, molecules and moles

ISBN: 9781776555505
Code: 51086
Numeracy in Chemistry - Book 1 Cover
Dealing with topics ranging from atomic structures to reactions and an introduction to the mole, Book 1 includes worked examples along with practice problems that focus students on the mechanics of the numbers behind the concepts. The activities are suited to a variety of uses, including both individual and collaborative work. Model answers to most practice problems are also supplied. The essential message of this series is: don’t stress the numbers – they can help rather than hinder students’ understanding of chemistry. When used correctly, the measurements students take during an experiment bridge the gap between what they experiment with and the current consensus on how chemicals work.

Pages: 68 | Ages: 14-17

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About the Author

Picture of Ian Stacey-Winkles
Ian Stace-Winkles graduated with a BSc from the Australian National University, before gaining a GradDipEd from the University of Canberra and a MEd from the Australian Catholic University. He has taught science at St Mary MacKillop College, Canberra, and is currently the science coordinator at St Francis Xavier College, which is also in Canberra. He enjoys fiery, colourful and flashy experiments and teaching senior students chemistry.