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Thinking about Texts Bk 2


Thinking hats and multiple intelligences

ISBN: 9781877523878
Code: 5557
Thinking about Texts Bk 2 Cover
Systematically extend your students’ thinking skills within your English programme. Each task card on a given text type requires students to use a particular thinking strategy. Book 1 focuses on the use of thinkers keys, within a Bloom’s framework to explore novels, plays, films and biographies. Multiple intelligences, within a thinking hats framework, form the foundations of Book 2; tasks are concerned with shorter text types such as poetry, speeches and newspaper articles.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 10-15

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About the Author

Picture of Yvette Krohn

Yvette Krohn has taught English for the past 18 years, first in South Africa and later in New Zealand, where her main role has been teaching high-level thinking courses, including gifted and talented education, extension and scholarship classes. She has been a faculty head of languages and an assistant principal, as well as a lecturer of communications and learning styles at Lincoln University. Passionate about thinking skills, Yvette has a particular interest in incorporating philosophy, psychology and social theory into the English curriculum, primarily through the medium of film.