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The Expert Scientist Bk 2


Physics, chemistry and biology activities to make sense of our place in the world

ISBN: 9781776552306
Code: 5939
The Expert Scientist Bk 2 Cover
The Expert Scientist Book 2 takes longer stopovers to examine topics, that were in Book 1, in more detail while developing more complex scientific thinking skills such as classification and structured observation.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 12-15

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About the Author

Picture of Brenda Greene
Brenda Greene gained an MSc from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand and worked as a scientist, publishing papers on the genetics and conservation of New Zealand birds. She gained a Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Canterbury University, and taught science at the Orana Wildlife Park and in Christchurch secondary schools. She enjoys hands-on science, and is always inventing new experiments for her students to do.