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Project Approach in the Early Years Bk 2 - A practical guide to promoting children's creativity and critical thinking through project work - Book 2

ISBN: 9781927190616
Code: 0981


Project Approach in the Early Years Bk 2 Cover
Put a well-established learning theory into practice and see the benefits in every area of young children’s development. The Project Approach in the Early Years is all about a child-centred teaching strategy that builds on children’s interests while developing the independence, knowledge and thinking skills they will need to become life-long learners. Book 1 sets out the rationale behind the project approach while Book 2 provides a range of resources to support educators wanting to implement the project approach.

Pages: 66 | Ages: 3-7 | Published: May 2016

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About the Author

Marianne Sargent is an early education specialist and writer. She holds an MA in early years education, is a qualified teacher with experience teaching at this level, and has worked as a lecturer in primary and early years education.