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Act, Speak, Listen


Drama activities for the classroom

ISBN: 9781921613135
Code: TS0113


Act, Speak, Listen Cover

A practical and easy-to-use resource book of drama, speaking and listening activities.

  • Topics are divided into Beginner and Advanced levels.
  • Can be used to provide a course of work over a whole year, or as a source of single lessons.
  • Covers basic skills, pair work, miming, improvisation, being persuasive, panel work, puppetry, class plays, performance evaluation.

Pages: 102 | Ages: 5-13

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About the Author

Jenny Rudd O'Neill has been a teacher of English, history, drama, public speaking and debating for many years as well as working as a school librarian. She has taught in at schools country and city Australia as well as in England and the United States.

She trains students for speech competitions, teaches memoir and creative writing to adults and revels in having nine grandchildren under 10 who have sparked a special interest in primary education.

A life-long reader of everything possible, she loves theatre and historical research, particularly of Australian drama and geneology. She is a volunteer teacher of the new NSW Ethics course in primary schools.