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Engaging with Mathematics through Picture Books - Rich mathematical and literary experiences for children

  • By
  • Tracey Muir,
  • Sharyn Livy,
  • Leicha Bragg,
  • Julie Clark,
  • Jill Wells,
  • Catherine Attard
ISBN: 9781925145175
Code: TS0133


Engaging with Mathematics through Picture Books Cover
Engaging with Maths through Picture Books can be used as a form of professional learning and a springboard for developing educators’ own exciting literature-based mathematics lessons by using the ideas as they are, adapting them for the needs of learners and/or taking the ideas and applying them to different books. It is designed to stimulate children’s thinking and mathematical experiences by building strong foundations for their future enjoyment and success with mathematics.

Pages: 82 | Ages: 3-8

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About the Author

Dr Tracey Muir is an Associate Professor in Mathematics Education at the University of Tasmania. Her research interests include effective teaching of numeracy, student engagement, teacher knowledge and the use of children’s literature to teach mathematics. She regularly conducts professional learning for teachers and has delivered workshops, presentations and keynote addresses at national and international conferences.