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Engaging Children in Play - Practical ways to create stimulating play spaces

ISBN: 9781925145113
Code: TS0287


Engaging Children in Play Cover

It is often a challenge to continue to come up with exciting and inspiring play spaces week after week. The aim of this book is to support early childhood educators in creating a stimulating environment by using what is already available in the setting. Being resourceful and creative with what you have also means you don't need to spend a fortune to create an engaging learning environment.

  • Contains detailed photographs of role play areas, small world scenes, fine motor activities and much more, each accompanied by short captions explaining how achievable it is to take provision to the next level by using everyday resources and getting inside the mind of a child.
  • Highly practical – shows how to create outstanding provision rather than telling you how to do it, includes lists of resources needed plus a challenge section with ideas on how to extend the activity and links to the EYLF and NQS.
  • Also features key questions for educators to ask themselves about each area of their provision, enabling them to reflect on the needs of the child across all areas of learning.

This book would be an ideal resource for students undertaking studies in early childhood, such as the Certificate III or Diploma of Children’s services.

Pages: 54 | Ages: 2-7

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About the Author

Nicole Halton – Co-founder/director of Inspired EC and educational consultant
Nicole Halton has been a proud member and advocate of the early childhood profession for over 13 years. Nicole is particularly passionate about the provision of quality early childhood services and children having the right to a childhood filled with risk, adventure and fun. 

From 2005 to 2012, Nicole was the director of Woodrising Community Preschool and Child Care Centre, a service that has developed a strong reputation for its commitment to natural play environments and authentic experiences for children. During her leadership the centre was one of the first services to be assessed under the National Quality Standards and achieved the rating of 'Exceeding'.  

In 2007 Nicole and her business partner Natashja Treveton spent countless hours discussing the need for inspiring professional development in their local area and, as a result, founded their educational training and consultancy business, Inspired EC. Their passion and enthusiasm in their beliefs have allowed the company as well as the services they offer to develop and expand and to ‘inspire’ thousands of educators Australia wide.