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Teaching Media Literacy through Contemporary Issues



ISBN: 9781776555833
Code: 51093
Teaching Media Literacy through Contemporary Issues Cover
This book examines the media as the servant to the king of the modern world, consumerism. In view of the research that indicates young people are particularly influenced by messages promoting a consumer culture, it aims to help students understand how media messages are used to influence our decisions. Beginning with a historical overview, it explores how consumer culture and advertising techniques have developed over time. It then continues with the spotlight on contemporary issues: the influence of advertising on human emotions as a way of encouraging us to accumulate possessions; anti-consumerist arguments and their effectiveness; and the relationship between social media and e-commerce as profit-making enterprises. For each topic, students apply what they have learnt to their own media project.

Pages: 67 | Ages: 12-15

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About the Author

Dale Sutherland has been a media studies and English teacher. She has a background in film and media, along with a passion for contemporary issues facing young people today. Now living in New Zealand’s Far North, she researches and writes full time.