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Solving Real-world Maths Problems Bk 1


Task cards for practising skills and applying knowledge in mathematics

ISBN: 9781776550388
Code: 0867
Solving Real-world Maths Problems Bk 1 Cover
Book 1 in this series is aimed at 10 to 12 year-old students. The activity cards in are easily integrated into the classroom programme as either individual or group work to complement and reinforce teaching and learning. Easy-to-follow answer cards are included for student and/or teacher use.

Pages: 64 | Ages: 10-12

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About the Author

Picture of Graeme Eeles

Graeme Eeles is a retired teacher with more than 40 years of experience in primary school education in Victoria, Australia. In his work across a variety of roles and settings, he has always maintained a passion for teaching mathematics and for developing a love of mathematics in children as he assists them to see its relationship to everyday life. He also enjoys sharing with fellow educators the myriad of ideas he has compiled over his career.