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Moving Forward with Thinking

ISBN: 9781877478727
Code: 5375
Moving Forward with Thinking Cover
Go the extra mile; maximise pupils' learning potential across the curriculum. This series provides teachers with the necessary support to build on and scaffold children's thinking so they become proficient at thinking clearly, logically, creatively, refectively and critically. It covers preparation and implementation and provides templates, samples and clearly explained practices.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 5-12

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About the Authors

Picture of Amber Kite

Amber Kite has been teaching for six years. Her early childhood teaching experience highlighted how much teaching students to think and wonder can assist their learning. Amber strives to create learning opportunities that are inquiry based, relevant and challenging. She aims to provide resources that offer opportunities for teachers to reflect on their practice and to support students in the thinking classroom.

Picture of Marc Warwick
Marc Warwick is is an executive teacher and curriculum leader. He utilises thinking tools to find out what students know and what they want to know; and then to identify what they have learnt through an inquiry. Marc encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and to reflect critically on their learning processes. He is in demand as a presenter of practical workshops in literacy, numeracy and integrated curriculum.