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Thinking About Me and Us Bk 3

ISBN: 9781877536168
Code: 5450
Thinking About Me and Us Bk 3 Cover
Get them thinking creatively, critically and reflectively. This series offers units that progressively help children to develop and strengthen these higher order processes. The emphasis is on inquiry learning, prompting children to explore issues like personal identity, goals and direction, and relating to others. A wide range of thinking strategies and graphic organisers are employed. The Thinking About Me and Us series links with the health and English curriculums.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 9-11

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About the Author

Picture of Sue Costelloe

Sue Costelloe is an experienced teacher who has taught at all levels of primary school in New Zealand. She has taken a special interest in literacy and inquiry learning. In 2005 Sue spent a year as an educational consultant in New York, providing professional development for American teachers. She is currently living in Melbourne, Australia and is enjoying the opportunity to write texts to support teachers and children in the classroom.