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Exceeding the Standards - Second edition - Planning for continuous quality improvement

ISBN: 9781925145250
Code: TS0290


Exceeding the Standards - Second edition Cover
Comprehensively updated, Exceeding the Standards – Second edition, incorporates all the changes made to the assessment and rating process conducted through the NQS, the seven quality areas, and the subsequent changes to the standards and elements, all of which apply from 2018. It has been designed to challenge educators thinking on what quality education and care looks like, feels like and sounds like at their service. It can be used as a guide or a starting point to ensure that educators and their team are raising the bar and striving to improve the programs, practice and leadership to provide better outcomes for the children in their care every day.

Pages: 96 | Ages: 0-5

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About the Authors

Susie is currently the Executive Director at Bubup Womindjeka, a large centre in Port Melbourne. She was the Director at St Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten in Canterbury and has completed both her Diploma of Teaching Early Childhood at Melbourne University and her Bachelor of Education Early Childhood at Deakin University. In 2011 Susie began studying her Masters of Education and is writing her thesis on the topic of ‘How early childhood educators engage with the Early Years Learning Framework’. She has been working in kindergartens for 16 years.

In 2009 Susie earned the ‘exemplary’ teacher classification, and has completed two Leadership Programs run by Bastow Institute. In 2011 she won the NEiTA ASG Inspirational Teachers State and Territory Award and was nominated for the National award.

Susie supports the wider community by running training workshops, mentoring and presenting at conferences on the topic of implementing the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standard and Developing Philosophy.

Susie specialises in art and children’s artistic development, and lectures at Deakin University teaching Early Childhood Art