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Encouraging Early Sports Skills


Ideas for fun activities that promote lifelong wellbeing

ISBN: 9781877523694
Code: 0539
Encouraging Early Sports Skills Cover
Take the lead – introduce young children to exhilarating, positive sporting experiences. This resource offers the ideas and support you need to confidently implement a variety of sports and physical activities. It sets out a thorough and readily adaptable programme plan that is designed to develop the range of physical, social, problem solving and other skills required. It also includes detailed descriptions of how to set up and play a diversity of sports suited to this young age group.

Pages: 58 | Ages: 4-7

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About the Authors

Jake Green has a BA in sports journalism and is currently working as a sports writer. Jake is a keen sportsman and soccer player, having played for many teams over the last 14 years.
Sandy Green has over 35 years’ experience of working in the early childhood sector, in both educational and social services settings. She writes for several educational publications, has written more than 20 books and is the series editor for many more titles focusing on the early years. Sandy now runs her own educational consultancy specialising in the early childhood sector.