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Biology Basics and Beyond - Bk 2


Exploring the evolution, structure, function and role of plants in science and society

ISBN: 9781776555895
Code: 51096
Biology Basics and Beyond - Bk 2 Cover
Book 2 explores the many fascinating features of plant, introducing broad biological concepts such as evolution, classification and adaptation along with key biological processes such as pollination, fertilisation, photosynthesis, transpiration, diffusion and osmosis. It also reinforces the strong links between science and society through short plays with real-life examples that show why learning the biology basics is useful and how it can lead to a fulfilling career. Along the way, students collect and analyse data, produce scientific drawings and interpret tables and graphs.

Pages: 76 | Ages: 12-14

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About the Author

Picture of Brenda Greene
Brenda Greene gained an MSc from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand and worked as a scientist, publishing papers on the genetics and conservation of New Zealand birds. She gained a Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Canterbury University, and taught science at the Orana Wildlife Park and in Christchurch secondary schools. She enjoys hands-on science, and is always inventing new experiments for her students to do.