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The Little Book of Maths Songs and Games


Littlemaths books with big ideas

ISBN: 9781921613883
Code: TS0260
The Little Book of Maths Songs and Games Cover
The activities in The Little Book of Maths Songs and Games will help children to learn new maths skills while playing the games. They will also be developing personal and social skills — patience, turn-taking, negotiation and coping with the disappointment of losing.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 2-6

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About the Authors

Sally Featherstone has a wealth of experience as a teacher, consultant, trainer, and author in the field of early childhood education. In 1993, she and Phill Featherstone founded Featherstone Education, a division of Bloomsbury Publishing.

Marianne Knaus is a lecturer in the Early Childhood Education program at Edith Cowan University. She teaches in both the undergraduate and post graduate programs, and coordinates the early childhood mathematics programs and the first year professional practice unit in childcare.