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Developing Early Maths Skills Outdoors


Activity ideas and best practice for teaching and learning outside

ISBN: 9781776553389
Code: 0991


Developing Early Maths Skills Outdoors Cover
The Developing Early Skills Outdoors series aims to highlight the unique qualities of the outdoor learning environment for teaching basic skills and concepts in maths, literacy and science. The activities are low cost and easy to set up, aiming to reassure practitioners and give them the confidence to plan more learning experiences outdoors. This is further supported with planning guidance, resource ideas, as well as links to the Australian and New Zealand Early Childhood Curricula and advice on observation and assessment.

Pages: 80 | Ages: 1-5 | Published: July 2016

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About the Author

Marianne Sargent is an early education specialist and writer. She holds an MA in early years education, is a qualified teacher with experience teaching at this level, and has worked as a lecturer in primary and early years education.